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Hello, my name is Abdulrahman Alzamil. I am an international student from Saudi

Arabia, studying in the US. I go to Wilkes University. My major is computer

information system. I choose the major because I am interested in

Web Development, and Database Management.

Since I am an international student, sometimes I have difficulty to understand

a word. To solve the problem, I go to one of my favorite sites which is dictionary.

Also, Wikipedia is the best site that helps me to take a quick concept of any


In my free time, I like to play cards but by Middle-East way on Kammelna, or

watching Youtube.

Again, I am a person who likes to know what is going on in the world, so I usually

check CNN.

For your record, this is my country's flag

saudi arabia flag:

and there where its location is on the world map.

saudi arabia map:

You can contact me by abdulrahman.alzamil@wilkes.edu

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