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About Me

Hello! My name is Andrew Chupka and this is my webpage for my Web Development class at Wilkes University. I'm a sophomore Computer Science major at Wilkes University. I enjoy reading, watching movies, and playing video games with my friends. I'm from Shavertown PA and formerly attended Dallas High School in Dallas PA.

My email address is andrew.chupka@wilkes.edu

My favorite sites

reddit.com - A collection of boards centered around different fan bases and themes (such as television shows and books). Other users submit pictures and links to relevant and interesting articles that other people can view and enjoy.

youtube.com - An incredibly popular video sharing site.

humblebundle.com - A website where you can pay what you want for different collections of games, books, and software. A portion of every purchase goes to charity and other philanthropic organizations.

spotify.com - A streaming website for music that features a vast library of songs and fantastic premium plans for students.

twitch.tv - A streaming website that features people playing different video games. I usually watch a game or personality I enjoy while I'm doing homework to provide background noise.

Pictures of me

These two pictures are of me on a trip I took to Maine this past Summer.



In this photo I'm standing on a big rock above the ocean.

Small Rock


In this photo I'm standing on a smaller rock that is not as high above the ocean as the other rock.

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