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My email --> andrew.matcho@wilkes.edu

Hi! I'm Andrew Matcho and I've lived in Northeast Pennsylvania all my life. I've lived in Dallas, Pennsylvania ever since I was born and attended Dallas High School. Ever since I was young I've been interested in technology, video games at the time, and as I've gotten older I've become more interested in the technology of computers and how they internally operate within the hardware. I'm also a big fan of dogs, and I occasionally volunteer to transport shelter dogs to their new homes.

Front View Otto:

This is my dog Otto. He is a miniature dachshund that was born in 2011, and his birthday is in mid October.

Full Body Otto:

This is another picture of Otto where it captures more about his body's proportions. His total height is no more than a foot off the ground.

My Five Favorite Sites

http://www.twitch.tv - A video streaming site where thousands of people either stream themselves or watch others stream video games for entertainment. As of recent Twitch has started to allow all different kinds of streams on their website.

http://www.imgur.com - An image sharing website where people are able to share pictures and videos and talk about them with other people. These pictures and videos can be in the range from educational to humorous.

http://www.youtube.com - A video sharing site where people are able to post videos about many different kinds of things. You can find your favorite song as a video there, or something instructional like how to make a cake.

http://www.twitter.com - A social media site where every single post is in 140 characters or less.

http://www.reddit.com - A forum styled site where people from all around the world are able to share pictures or videos. Some also start discussions about ideas with other people from the site.

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