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My name is Austin Naughton I am a Computer Information Systems major, some of my interests involve the pictures above which is gaming, and hiking. I am from Taylor, PA but currently reside in Wilkes-Barre for college. The highschool I went to is Riverside. Hiking interest:

Five Favorite Sites

  1. Reddit: Reddit is a forum website where all of its posts are from the forum users and it creates a unique community. On this site you can find anything, ranging from funny dog or cat videos to programming tutorials.

  2. Abe books: Abe books is a website where you can get international textbooks which are the same as U.S textbooks but much cheaper. I use this site plenty as recently it saved me well over $300 for this semester.

  3. Youtube: Everyone has heard of youtube. I use this site for learning to mindless activities throughout the day.

  4. Twitch: Twitch is great for watching my favorite eSports team. As from above I am heavily interested in CSGO and play it when I have free time. To watch my favorite streams I use this site.

  5. Weather Channel: This is obvious what it is, with the current horrible hurricanes impending on the U.S it is nice to see where they're at.

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