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Favorite Links

Here is a list of my favorite websites:

  • Drabblecast The Drabblecast is an Audio Fiction Podcast with strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners.
  • Drabble Cast Logo: The Drabble Cast Logo

  • Khan Academy Learn about math, physics, computer programming, finance, etc. for free
  • Khan: Khan Academy Logo

  • Buy any movie, DVD, or video game that you can think of!
  • Amazon: Logo

  • Project Gutenberg An archive of thousands of free books and magazines. Includes authors in the public domain such as Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells
  • Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg Logo

  • Freakonomics The podcast about the hidden side of everything! Podcasts include Failure is Your Friend and The Dangers of Safety
  • Freakonomics: Freakonomics Logo

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