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About Me

Hey! My name is Mark Roche and thanks for visiting my page.

I was born and raised in Carbondale, Pennsylvania where I graduated from Carbondale Area High School.

I am a junior attending Wilkes University majoring in computer science. I am currently the Vice President of the Math and Computer Science Club. During the Summer of 2016, I worked with Dr. Kapolka, Dr. Chepushtanova, and two other students on a summer research project. The research involved different ways of classifying large data sets of animals using facial recognition software and other classifying methods such as a Support Vector Machine. During the Fall 2016 semester, another student and I interned with a local company, InterMetro. We developed a program that allowed the company's clients to get an idea of how the stock rooms and shelves would be designed for their specific stocking needs.

I currently work at Sam's Club as a sales floor associate in the freezer and cooler department and a forklift operator.

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My interests include building computers, programming, video games, movies/T.V. shows, music, and basketball.

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Contact Information

You can contact me by email at mark.roche@wilkes.edu

Top Five Websites

Below is a list of my top five favorite websites:

1. reddit.com - Reddit is a discussion website. There are multiple interesting categories that members can submit content to and allow others from all over the world to see. Members can rate content and share their opinions on topics.

2. youtube.com - YouTube is a video sharing website owned by Google. YouTube contains thousands of different videos such as educational, gaming, exploration, animals and many more.
3. newegg.com - Newegg is an online retailer that mostly sells electronics, but they also have other options such as clothes, health and fitness products, office accessories, and even automotive parts.
4. thetechgame.com - TheTechGame is a news website relating to video games. They post new information to video games on consoles and PC. The stories include new and upcoming information about video games and companies that are involved in the video game industry.
5. google.com - Google.com is an incredibly fast and easy to use search engine that allows users to find websites, news articles, journals, and other information relating to specific topics that the user is looking for.

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