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This here is a very exciting picture, of my and one of my old family cats. His name is "Shnuggs". An adequate name considering his extremely large mass.

Hello all! My name is Michael Walton. My e-mail address, should you have any reason to contact me, is available here. Although if this is after May of 2018 and you are attempting to reach me at this e-mail, it may be a lost cause as I will no longer be at this university and hopefully starting my career.

Here is an image of myself. I know, immensely flattering! Regardless, here is a bunch of additional copy to fill up the page.

Usually I would just Lorem Ipsum the heck out of this to get rid of all the extra blank space. But i have the time to write, so why not!

I was assigned to add a second picture. but honestly, no one wants to see a bunch of selfies. Hopefully the background image in addition to my lovely portrait will suffice in terms of grading.

As you can see, my websites, aren't very interesting. I like to stay informed in local and national current events. Hence the placement of two links to news outlets.

Kongregate, at least since Newgrounds.com went down the tubes, has taken my top spot for flash and other web browser based games.

Stack Overflow, the fourth site on my list of interesting sites, is pretty much a life saver in this field of study. Especially in understanding current knowledge in various libraries. I know i utilized it for learning OpenCV, OpenGL, and various python modules.

Finally, my last link is referencing an alternative site available to me through Wilkes University. Which I have used to host the web applications designed during Dr. Fred Sullivan's great semester of javascript programming in Object-Oriented. Lots of fun stuff on there!

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