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Favorite Links

Top 5 Websites

NBA logo:
Nba Site
Since I love basket ball during the NBA season this is probably my favorite website. I go on it every day and check the scores and see how my team is doing.

Hot New Hip Hop Logo:
Hot New Hip Hop Site
My favorite type of music is Hip Hop/Rap, so I go on this site a lot. This is one of my favorite sites because it lets you know when new songs come out and they could also be listen to.

Facebook Logo:
Facebook Site
I like this site a lot because it gives me a way to stay in contact with all my friends and family. It also entertains me to watch the videos and statuses that are posted.

Youtube Logo:
Youtube Site
This is my main form of online entertainment. When I am bored I always come on this website and watch different types of videos.

Ebay Logo:
Ebay Site
When I am ever looking to buy something I always check here. On this site is where I usually find the cheapest prices for all the items I want.

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