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Who am I?

Author:   John Koch  
Posted: 8/23/19; 11:13:41 AM
Topic: Who am I?
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My name is Rima Avasatthi. I am a senior doing a double major in Computer Information Systems and Management at Wilkes University. This semester I am also working as Human Resources Intern at a mobile service marketing company, named Mobiniti!

I am passionate about getting involved in leadership activities. Recently, I got elected as the President of the Math/CS club at Wilkes.

I am originally from India, and I moved to the US with my family in 2012. I did my high school at Milford Central School in Upstate New York.
finalquote: finalquote Mobiniti:

Email: rima.avasatthi@wilkes.edu

"Harvard Business Review - This page is great interest to me since it gives a wide range of ideas of different situations in both small and large scale business. HBR:

edX - This website has a wide variety of courses to select from in order to lean the material. Personally, this is great for me since it has many CS courses where I can explore and learn how to code.


LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a powerful website to connect with professionals and I believe it really helps one finding a particular jobs.

w3resource - This is also one of the best website to learn and practice coding.
finalw3r: finalw3r

Code Academy - Code Academy provides various coding challenges, where one has to solve problems based on their experience level. It really prepares one for job interviews. finalca: finalca

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