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My name is Zack Bevan and I live in Dallas Pennsylvania. I am a junior in college studying computer science at Wilkes University. My interest are video games, volleyball, skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding and watching television. I graduated from Lake Lehman High school in 2013.

You can reach me at my school email- zachary.bevan@wilkes.edu

My Top 5 Favorite sites are:

This is a website where people can stream themselves playing video games for anyone to watch. You can come to this site and watch video game tournaments being held as well that get so popular, over 100,000 people can be watching at one time.

This is a website where anyone can post any video they would like and the world can view it. There are many popular news, sports, and video game channels that have millions of viewers.

This website is a message board where people post new, exciting, and funny pictures and stories to share with the website and anyone watching.

This website is a tech store online. Here you can buy anything from computer parts to drones to flat screen TVs. It is a tech lovers superstore.

Amazon is a well know website for buying and selling whatever you wish. It is the Walmart of the internet.

One of my favorite backgrounds to use for my computer is space type backgrounds. Here are two examples of backgrounds I've used before.

Space 1:
Space 2:

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