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HST 324/424 Fall 2005

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Welcome to HST 324/424 at Wilkes!

One purpose of this course is to introduce you to the major events in the economic and business history of the United States from its days as a British colony to the present. But economic trends and business enterprises do not respect national borders, so we will place the story of America in both its international and historical contexts. We will look at broad trends in the economy: from the business cycle to the relationship between economic and political power. We will also do two case studies: the rise of the corporation in America between 1865 and 1900 and the economy of Wilkes-Barre from initial European settlement to the present. The second purpose of this course is to assist both current and future teachers with integrating economics and business history in the social studies curriculum. History is a combination of facts ("what happened") and interpretation ("why historians think it happened"). Throughout the semester, you will analyze a variety of historical interpretations and you will develop your own explanations. This process of historical interpretation involves the third (and final) purpose of the course: refining your communication and analytical skills. These skills should serve you well throughout your life regardless of your future career.

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