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For English 101, Section A, Fall 2002  

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Intensive Feedback Session Groups (IFS) for the Rita Dove Essay

REMINDER OF WHAT YOU MUST DO:  Send your essay via e-mail to the members of the group.  Those of you who can attach a Word version of the document to the message should do so, but ALL STUDENTS must send their essay pasted into the body of the message so that everyone can read it. Send your essay at least 48 hours prior to your IFS time. 


Group A (Monday, 10/28, 10-11)

  • Shawn Serfass
  • Karyn Shoval
  • Stacey Berkoski
  • Elvira Illiano
  • Adam Hindmarsh
  • Will Midgett

Group B (Monday, 10/28, 11-12)

  • Christopher Lucas
  • Sean Castellani
  • Rich Abbazio
  • Dee Henry
  • Amanda Ratschof

Group C (Wednesday, 10/30, 10-11)

  • Leanne Kayes
  • Alex White
  • Will Wilson
  • Amanda Harlan
  • Alanna Bath
  • Brandon Kelly


 Group D (Wednesday, 10/30, 11-12)

  • Rich Belcastro
  • Melissa Marchegiani
  • John Lowe
  • Jenilyn Jung
  • Justin Lacomis
  • Abby Heineman

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