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For Fall 2002, English 101 section D  

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Intensive Feedback Session Groups (IFS) for the Rita Dove Essay

REMINDER OF WHAT YOU MUST DO:  Send your essay via e-mail to the members of the group.  Those of you who can attach a Word version of the document to the message should do so, but ALL STUDENTS must send their essay pasted into the body of the message so that everyone can read it. Send your essay at least 48 hours prior to your IFS time. 



Group A (Monday, 10/28, 2-3)

  • Daniel Fulton
  • Chris Beers
  • Mike McDonald
  • Nick Stolten
  • Josh Shoff  
  • Ericka Roback 

 Group B (Monday, 10/28, 3-4)

  • Chris Issler
  • Madhan Srinivasan
  • Janell Chwalek
  • Timothy Rutkoski  
  • Brian Kapral

Group C (Wednesday, 10/30, 2-3)

  • Dale Faust
  • Dan Yadrnak
  • Derek Scholl
  • Jared Meckler
  • Jaclyn Wojciechowicz

Group D (Wednesday, 10/30,  3-4)

  • Carl Benson
  • Kevin Holbert
  • Joe Yutko
  • Dan Resciniti
  • Fahmi Chowdhury

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