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Design Works Project Team #2

Author:   Darin Fields  
Posted: 2/9/05; 8:16:42 AM
Topic: Design Works Project Team #2
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Use this site as a clearing house for information on your web project:

Use the discussion group function to share ideas and information. Each time you post a message to the discussion group, the other members of your team will be notified. Each time you respond to a posted message, your team will be notified. From time-to-time during the project, I will post project specific questions and suggestions. Additionally, when your client has submitted their customer service responses, I will post them here for you to discuss. Discussion groups can facilitate a lot of work outside of class. Since the process generates emails, responsible, topic focused discussion is encouraged and required.

Use the forms below (posted as Word Documents) to organize and document your work on the project. Think of these as routine reports and paperwork required by our company. They will serve to keep your work on track, collect information and ideas from the process, and substantiate each member's involvement in the project.

Project Work Plan
Use this worksheet to organize your tasks and due dates for the project. The work each group member does should be represented on this sheet (or you can have each group member fill out their own sheet.
Client Interaction Report Use this report to focus your discussion with your client and to document each interaction you have with your client. I would recommend that you complete this form with the client so that both you and your client are aware and in agreement on what you discussed and what each of you will do before the next meeting.


Some suggestions for your first client interview

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