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Information for Wilkes Students

           Be ready to discover, learn, & become the best!

The links to the left connect you to other pages on this site and provide information for school personnel interested in these areas.  You are welcome to read about my background, my credentials, areas of expertise, and of course, use my contact information if you need to reach me!

     To Wilkes students majoring in Education: You have made a wonderful and rewarding career choice--the opportunity to work with young people and shape their intellect, attitudes, and spirit of mind!  In your career as an educator, you will fill many different roles at various times for your students--teacher, mentor, friend, parent, counselor, nurse, coach, role model--and most importantly--an inspiration to your students!

     At Wilkes, I may be assigned as your undergraduate advisor, but even if I am not, I am always there to help you travel down the road to reach your career goals.  One of my most important goals is to inspire you to become an excellent teacher--one who is always there for the students you serve throughout your career, whether you are in your 1st year or 30th year as an educator! 

     To stay fresh and creative, the key is to never stop learning throughout your life--not only from your instructors and colleagues--but from the students you will someday teach!  If you have me as an instructor for any education courses, we will be learning from each other and working hard together--we will strive to be the best together!

     The undergraduate courses I currently teach are ED 321 Foundations of Reading & ED 322 Teaching of Reading.  I also teach all the courses in our Reading minor, which I designed, they include: ED 323 Diagnostic Reading Strategies (offered online), ED 324 Children & Adolescent Literature (offered online) and ED 325 Applied Reading Strategies which is a summer day camp for kids to motivate them to read and to build their reading skills.  Just ask me about "The Reading Round-up" and you will soon find out my loves--reading & teaching!

     The graduate courses I currently teach are ED 520 Educational Assessment, ED 525 Introduction to Educational Research, and ED 531 Children's Literature. I have done extensive work on our proposed Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Superintendent Certification programs. Watch for these programs to begin in 2007.

      In the past, I have taught taught a variety of undergraduate courses: ED 190
Effective Teaching, ED 341 Language Arts, & ED 380 Content Area Reading. Other graduate courses I have taught include: ED 510 Psychological Foundations of Education, ED 513 Comparative Foundations of Education, ED 514 Issues in Education, ED 522 School Curriculum, ED 516 Educational Leadership, ED 517 The Principalship, and ED 531 Children's Literature.  I also designed the Master's in Educational Leadership program to enable dedicated teachers to become caring and committed school leaders.

Check the growing Wilkes Graduate Teacher Education programs on the Wilkes website, which provide details on our live and on-line Master's degree program offerings!