Notes 1: Language Arts Theory
Notes 2: Language Arts Instructional Methods
Notes 3 : Journal Entries
Notes 4 : Oral Language Development & Speaking and English Language Learners
Notes 5: Reading & Writing Workshop
Notes 6: Listening
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Welcome to my Manila site!


ED 341 Language Arts

Welcome to ED 341 Language Arts

This site has been developed to facilitate student learning in this required course for elementary, early childhood, and special education majors at Wilkes University.

This Language Arts course includes a focus on the writing, speaking, and listening aspects of the language arts and integrates the study of children's literature within the course content.

Supplemental notes for this course are included in this site. Much of the content is based on the work of Cathy Collins Block & Regie Routman. Other content in these notes has been compiled from various research-based works and programs.  Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Kropiewnicki at mary.kropiewnicki@wilkes.edu


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