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Welcome to My Astronomy Site

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This site is dedicated to the exploration of topics in astronomy. It begins with a webquest dealing with the exploration of the sun. This first webquest will lead you on an investigation into the nature, energy source, and physical features of our nearest star.

From there, you will investigate the sun-earth connection, gathering and organizing materials regarding how events on the sun affect the earth and the implications these events have for our modern technology. You will find that the sun, far from being a static body to be taken for granted, is, in fact, a place of violent upheaval and change which can affect Earth's atmosphere and climate. These events also have serious implications for our communications systems, electrical power systems, and satellites, with the potential to create major disruptions to our lives.

It is hoped that this exploration will whet your appetite to further investigate our nearest star and other phenomena in our solar system. If you wish to learn more, a good place to start is with the NASA site which will allow you to link to many other areas dealing with astronomy and the exploration of space. Enjoy your quest!


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