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Anirgb: Animated graphic created by Robert Truscio, Color Mixing, copyright 1998,1999, 2000. Welcome to this webquest on Color and Style in Art

This webquest was designed for 10th grade art students at Seton Catholic High School. It was developed by Ms. Beverly Glennon, art instructor at Seton, to give students an opportunity to explore the ways in which artists use the art element COLOR in their work by using internet resources.

  • To use this quest please follow the links in the navigation bar to the various areas of the site.
  • You can begin the quest by clicking on the Introduction button. Then explore the Task and Process pages and begin your search for artists and artwork relating to color.

  • Use the links and sites that are listed throughout the webpages to gather information, enjoy the artwork and gain some knowledge about Color and Style.
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