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EE436 Antenna Theory and Design

Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 12/15/06; 10:01:33 AM
Topic: EE436 Antenna Theory and Design
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Instructor: David R. Carey
Office: SLC-214a, ext. 4807

Course Description:
This course provides fundamental knowledge in the theory and design of antennas used in modern wireless telecommunication systems. It starts with an introduction into the theory of electromagnetic radiation and a description of antenna parameters. Antenna measurements are introduced in brief. After the students become familiar with single radiators of simple geometry, they will be introduced into the principles of analysis and design of antenna arrays. Special attention is paid to antennas popular in satellite and RADAR applications. The fundamental limitations on electrically small antennas are briefly introduced. Topics include: Electromagnetic vector potentials; Green's functions; radiating systems; image theory; reciprocity; directional arrays; linear and broadband antennas; moment method; aperture antennas; microstrip antennas, and antenna synthesis. Prerequisite: EE 337

Lectures follow the topics below:

  1. Introduction to Antennas for Wireless Communications
  2. Introduction into the Theory of Radiation
  3. Radiation from Infinitesimal (Elementary) Sources
  4. Fundamental Antenna Parameters
  5. Polarization and Related Antenna Parameters
  6. Friis Transmission Equation and Radar Range Equation
  7. Antenna Noise Temperature and System Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  8. Basic Methods in Antenna Measurements
  9. Linear Wire Antennas: Dipoles and Monopoles
  10. Practical Dipole/Monopole Geometries. Matching Techniques for Dipole/Monopole Feeds Loop Antennas
  11. Linear Array Theory
  12. Aperture Antennas
  13. Patch Antenna Basics a.k.a. Microstrip Antennas

    Final Exam

"Antenna Theory-Balanis" ISBN- 9780471667827

Each student will need to purchase a student copy of MATLAB. Follow the link or go to the bookstore to obtain a copy.

EE-436 Evaluation:
  • Project 40%
  • Weekly Lab assignments 30%
  • Formal Lab 1 10%
  • Formal Lab 2 10%
  • Final Lab 10%

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