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Nick's Picks for Antenna Sites.

Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 1/27/09; 2:35:28 PM
Topic: Nick's Picks for Antenna Sites.
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1. This site contains information with respect to building General Antennas. The site contains theory along with instructions on how to actually construct an antenna for many different frequencies. The site can also be used as a gateway to other radio related articles and theory.


Even though this is a commercial site, it does contain white papers, examples, data sheets, and considerations with regards to antennas, particular. This site may provide students with examples of technology being deployed today.


Since antenna design must also take into account propagation such as the ionosphere. This site describes research being conducted by the U.S. Government on the earth geomagnetic properties and its relationship with the sun and other heavenly bodies. This site also contains information relating to the suns current activity. (Just don™≠t forget to put on your foil hat before visiting this site.

4. This site contains articles and information concerning wireless technology it also provides links to other research sites. Latest news and forums are also available.

5. The ARRL is the NRA for amateur radio operators. This site contains information and ideas to help design and build your own antennas as well as other radio related items

A.) Other Websites and articles of interest 1. Groups/Intech2/Departments/Industry_Views/200411/Wireless_meshes_with_industrial_aautomation.htm 2. 3. 4.

Ten Terms to lookup

1. Array antenna

2. Transmission lines


4. Signal Wires

5. Electromagnetic radiation

6. Dipole

7. Propagation

8. Communication devices

9. Wave Guide

10. Standing Wave patterns

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