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Top 5 Antenna Sites by Ashesh

Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 1/27/09; 2:43:35 PM
Topic: Top 5 Antenna Sites by Ashesh
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This website is an ideal website for those who are just stepping in the field of antennas since it covers all the general description about the antenna basics. It deals with the introduction, history and fun facts about the antenna in a reader friendly way. Bascally, this website keeps its reader interested throughout. It talks about how antenna evolved from being available in small number in 1890's to the present state where every house hold has a handful of different types of antennas. NExt, it describes all the fundamental key words that are required while dealing with the antenna like frequency bands, radiation pattern, effieciency and gain, impedence, bandwidth and other basic terminologies.

The Website then goes on to explain the different types of antennas with their subtypes as wire antennas, microstrip antennas, reflector antennas travelling wave antenna and aperture antennas. It also gives information about antenna arrays (set of 2 or more antennas arranged in order to improve the performance of an antenna. Overall, this website is very useful for the students interested in antenna theroy.


This website is a very interesting website dealing with the antenna arrays in more detail. It explains about 2 basic types of antenna array: parasitic and driven antenna array.

It explains about different array field pattern like horizontal array field pattern, bedspring array.


This website describes about the radiation pattern of an antennal. It talks about the radiation pattern as a graphical representation of the relative field strength transmitted from or received by an antenna. The patterns are always taken at one frequency, unique polarization and one plane cut.

The website also deals with the radiation pattern of many different types of antenna, with their properties and features. The antenna types that it deals wih are conical spiral, discone, horn antenna, log periodic, microstrip, monopole, patch, spiral, conical and many others.


This website basically deals about the antenna matching which is a vast topic in itself. It talks about the basic concepts and techniques to perform antenna matching. It deals abot the reactance and SWR of an antenna, techniques to match the input impedence. It also deals with the inductive matching, enbalanced to unbalanced matching, capacitive matching and somthing about measuring SWR.


The website provides a comprehensive knowledge about the antennas. It describes antennas according to the application areas, coverage, frequency and other features. More interestingly, it also describes each antennas briefly with their pictures and the market price of each anteenna. it talks about the different military antennas, law enforcement antennas, mobile radio antennas, satellite antennas, cell phone antennas, amateur antennas and many other interesting antennas.

The website makes it possoble to view different antennas that are being used in the market today with their datasheets and prices.

All of the above websites, I think will be very useful for the students in understanding the fundamental as well as the indepth knowledge of antenna and their properties and fratures.

10 Search Terms

1. Radiation Pattren

2. Directivity of an Antenna

3. Antenna Matching Techniques

4. Input Impedence

5. Bandwidth of an Antenna

6. Types of an Antenna

7. Antenna Arrays

8. Antenna Efficiency

9. Antenna Aperture

10.Friis Transmission Equation

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