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Junjie Top 5

Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 1/27/09; 3:16:15 PM
Topic: Junjie Top 5
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a.) This website is about Basic Antenna Principles For Mobile Communications,like definitions, introduce some base station antennas,particular techniques used in GSM and DCS 1800. If you go to a mobile communication company,thats basic knowledge you have to learn.

b.) This website introduce the antenna system.It also introduces what kind of devices we need in the system. it also shows these devices's parameter . so we can learn how to connect and use a antenna .

c.) This website contain the theory of the antenna,and introduce the different types of antenna, its a good source for new learner to understand the antenna,and study this course.


This is a website which teach you hao to make a simple and useful antenna in our life. thats a good website about the antenna application,and we can make a antenna by ourself, it will be a good practice for us.

e.) THIS WEBSITE introduce kinds of antenna,like GPS ,wireless,or TV antennas,in additional, it also shows all antenna's parameter. When we are going to design an antenna,we can learn why the shape of antenna is different, so that we can design a antenna base on what we need,where we put the antenna.

10 terms

  • polarization
  • satellite
  • Adaptive Antenna
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Radiation Efficiency
  • Isolation
  • Linear Array
  • Side Lobe Suppression
  • Major / Main Lobe

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