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Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 10/1/11; 8:01:58 AM
Topic: Chris' Top Picks
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1) This is a detailed presentation that may be useful to our class. It contains a good overview of different antenna types and shows some real world examples. It also talks about antenna characteristics like radiation pattern and gain, and it even touches on some antenna theory. The website contains a nice overview of basic antenna theory.

2) This is a lab exercise that could be performed in the communications lab. It seems to utilize equipment that we have in our lab. The experiment covers various concepts like antenna patterns, beamwidth, and polarization. The lab writeup is well done with good introductions and test setup descriptions. Multiple RF courses at Wilkes could find this experiment beneficial to the students.

3) This website is almost like an antenna theory encyclopedia. It has a wide variety of information from basic to more specific topics. One can get useful definitions of antenna theory terms and follow links to get more detailed information and figures. For example, if antenna types is selected, one can read a description of the antenna, learn some useful equations, and watch a video (in some cases) about the subject antenna.

4) This website talks all about Radar. One can learn about the history of Radar, characteristics of Radar, various Radar antennas, etc. It seems like a good starting point if one has interest in learning about Radar antennas, measurement, signal processing, etc. This website may be useful to students taking any antenna design or communications class.

5) This website talks about various TV antenna types. It was interesting to read how the author thought that a regular analog TV antenna will work fine for digital TV. It was also interesting to learn about the gain of each antenna and how it is measured in dBi. This website shows how antenna theory is used to create real world designs, thus it is appropriate and applicable to our class.


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  • Lab experiments
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  • Friis Equation
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  • HDTV
  • EIA 553
  • Maxwell's equations
  • Antenna pattern
  • Isotropic
  • Polarization

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