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Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 10/1/11; 8:10:55 AM
Topic: Jared's Top Picks
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Reads: 995 This website contains a great explanation of the basics of radar along with an in depth analysis of certain aspects of a radar system, including the antennas involved. For example, a great description of the phased array antenna can be found here: This website is not only great for the basics of antennas; it covers many topics in the field of electrical engineering. This website discusses the basics of patch antenna. Being that the patch antenna is so widely used in cell phones, I felt it would be useful to do some research on it. This entire website is very useful for many types of antennas, not just patch. This is an overview of radio wave propagation which is a great introduction or handy refresher on the basics of radio waves. This is an example of an application where antennas are used today. It explains common misconceptions about television antennas.

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