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Tom's Top Picks

Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 10/1/11; 8:18:34 AM
Topic: Tom's Top Picks
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Reads: 1190 This site contains a good amount of basic information about microwave electronics. It does not go into too much detail theory-wise, but it has many quick references, definitions, and calculators. Such calculators include VSWR, coaxial cable characteristics, and skin depth.

The webpage can be useful for quickly finding basic (and easily forgettable) equations, acronyms, and using its microwave related calculators. This site contains an electronic copy of the book "Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas." It discusses topics such as basic antenna theory, waveguides, transmission lines, antenna arrays, and aperture antennas. Many of the topics are dependent on its previous chapters, so referencing later chapters can be somewhat difficult.

The webpage can be used to read deeper into the theory of certain topics and use some of its equations in simulations. This somewhat difficult to navigate site (which is why the sitemap is linked) contains many calculators and articles related to RF engineering. Such articles include polarization, shielding, and filters. It also contains videos and RF related news.

The webpage can be used for referencing more in depth topics not covered in the book and for using its various calculators come design projects. This website is an MIT OpenCourseWare homepage to the course "Electromagnetics and Applications." It contains lecture notes, demonstration videos, and assignments with solutions to topics ranging from Maxwell's equations to antennas.

This site can be used to refresh (and perhaps relearn) some information related to electromagnetics and to visually understand electromagnetic concepts. This website is more focused towards antennas and their applications to radars. It provides top level descriptions of basic radar components and how they function in radar systems. The site has various animations to better visualize topics such as phased antenna arrays and synthetic aperture radars.

It can be used to see additional perspectives of antennas as they pertain more to radar.

Ten Search Terms:

  1. Isotropic Radiator
  2. Front to Back Ratio
  3. Near/Far Field
  4. Whip Antenna
  5. Log-Periodic Antenna
  6. Parasitic Antenna Element
  7. Phased Array Antenna
  8. Yagi Reflector/Director
  9. Antenna Balun
  10. Velocity of Propagation/Velocity Factor
  11. Reflection Coefficient
  12. Directional Coupler
  13. Gunn Diode
  14. Magnetron
  15. Klystron

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