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Cooperative Education & Internships


Are you a Wilkes student interested in an internship or co-op opportunity?

If you are serious, these steps will guide you through the application process...

    Talk to your advisor for specific details about the program. For example, students earn free-elective credits, and in some majors, departmental credits, while in the program. Most students earn 3-6 credits per semester.

    Consult with your advisor to decide if you are able to arrange a co-op or internship for your next semester. Can you arrange a schedule that will allow you to spend up to 15 hours per week at an internship site?

    Determine if you are eligible -- do you have a sophomore status and a minimum GPA of 2.0-2.5?

    Note: Each cooperating site has its own selection criteria regarding grades and skill levels.

    Visit the Cooperative Education and Internships Program office. We'll help with the application process including: career counseling and testing, intern/co-op site selection, individualized resumé preparation and critiques, and interview-skills training.

    Interview with potential supervisors. Gain a position. Meet with your academic department chairperson, for approval of your registration for academic credits.

    Congratulations! When you sucessfully complete the process, you will be ready to be a Co-op/Internship student!

Note: Planning a career experience takes time and commitment on your part. Resumés must be sent and interviews arranged. The process may require you to compete with students from other colleges and universities for co-ops and internships. To help insure your success, start planning weeks ahead of time by visiting our office -- during pre-registration if possible.

Students can search online for internship opportunities... posted through our office. For a full list of current opportunities, please follow the instructions listed below.

Note: All academic internships must be approved by your advisor and department chair. Participation in the program requires a 2.0 GPA and completion of at least 30 credits.

Here's how to start your search...

Go to the Student Central area of College Central.

If this is your first visit to the site, follow the register link and fill out the appropriate information. Make sure to record your Access ID and Password for future access.

Select Search for Jobs Posted to My School.

Under Types of Jobs select Co-op, Part-time, and Internship.

Click on Job ID for more details on each position.

Contact our office for application details on each position that interests you.

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