English 202 - Technical and Professional Writing
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Nichil scriptor operatur corde si non meditatur
Nothing the scribe writes will have its effect if it is not meditated in the heart
This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn to write for specific audiences in real world settings. Participants will complete work in the context of a workshop setting and will therefore be continuously involved in some stage of the writing process--invention, research, drafting, revision. Writers will proceed at their own pace, bringing appropriate portions of the work-in-progress to each class period as the needs of the project demand and will seek feedback whenever needed from the instructor, from class peers, and from outside readers. By the end of semester, participants should have a better understanding of the collaborative nature of technical and professional writing, have learned how to work well as members of a project team, have learned how to successfully integrate electronic tools into their writing process, and be able to produce revised writing--by utilizing appropriate rhetorical strategies--that indicates a full awareness of purpose and audience. 


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