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Eng 332 Tudor Prose and Poetry/Fall 2000
Graduate course requirements

This supplement to the undergraduate syllabus is designed to convert the offering into a graduate level course for student Ruth Pajka. In addition to the requirements set forth in the attached syllabus, the following will be expected of a graduate student:

Reading of complete versions and/or additional sections of selected titles from the reading schedule:

  • More, Thomas, The History of King Richard III [complete]
  • Hoby, Sir Thomas: Castiglione's Courtier: Book I
  • Foxe, John: Acts and Monuments: additional sections
  • Spenser, Edmund: Epithalamion: [complete]
  • Sidney, Sir Philip: Astrophel and Stella: [complete]
  • Cary, Elizabeth: from The History of the Life, Reign and Death of Edward II
  • Three extra short 'author' presentations to the class.
  • An expanded final paper.
  • An annotated bibliography of secondary critical materials: Student will collect annotated sources from other course participants, add to her own, and produce a hypertext document that can be appended to the course web site.

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