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This writing opportunity will give you a chance to 'exam'ine what you already know about the Tudor Prose and Poetry that you have read, discover new knowledge about texts you have not read, and propose a research project.

The finished 'take-home exam' should be returned a week from today, Friday, October 6. While you are writing it, you should visit the library, talk to classmates, and freewrite about your wor-in-progress.

The goal of this exam is to generate:

  • a working thesis situated in the context of a paper abstract,
  • a preliminary bibiography with at least two sources,
  • placed in the context of a properly formatted [use MLA style] paper that will act as a starting place for future research.

To that end, consult Creating Topics for invention strategies, consult Writing Links and Research Links for drafting help, begin a conversation on the Eng332Discuss web site. I invite you to do what Anissa did, lay out what you have written and ask for a specific kind of help.

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