Eng 332 - Tudor Prose and Poetry
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Schedule of Readings: [Subject to change]
Week 1 Introduction to course 
8/28: Explore the introductory materials online at these web sites:
1490 Skelton, John: On the Death + The Bowge of Court + The Tunning of Elinour Rumming
1506 Hawes, Stephen: The Pastime of Pleasure
1513 More, Sir Thomas: History of King Richard III
Week 2 1530 More, Thomas: A Dialogue Concerning Heresies and Matters of Religion
1534 Colet, John: The Sermon
1534 Tyndales New Testament
1539 The Great Bible
1546 Askew, Anne: The Examinations
1547 Parr, Katherine: from The Lamentation of a Sinner
1548 Hall, Edward: Union of the Two Noble
Week 3 1548 Latimer, Hugh: A Notable Sermon [Tonya]
1557 Cavendish, George: Life and Death ofThomas Wolsey [Bonnie]
1557 Song and Sonnets: Tottel's Miscellany [Wyatt, Surrey] [Adriana]
1559 A Mirror For Magistrates [Alice]
Week 4  
1561 Hoby, Sir Thomas: Castiglione's Courtier [Bonnie]
1567 Jestbooks 
1569 Grafton, Richard: A Chronicle at Large
1570 Ascham, Roger: The Schoolmaster [Sara]
Week 5 1563 Foxe, John: Acts and Monuments [[Adriana]
1571 Broadside Ballads 
1573 Whitney, Isabella: from A Sweet Nosegay
1575 Gascoigne, George: Certain Notes of Instruction [Tonya]
1576 The Paradise of Dainty Devices
Week 6


1578 Tyler, Margaret: Epistle to the Reader
1579 Gosson/Lodge/Sidney art controversy  [Bonnie]
1577 Holinshed, Raphael: The Chronicles of England
1586 Herbert, Mary (Sidney): Countess of Pembroke: from The Psalms + A Dialogue between Two Shepherds, Thenot and Piers [Kat]
1589 Dowriche, Anne: Epistle to the Reader
1589 Dowriche, Anne: from The French History

Week 7 1589 Anger, Jane: from Jane Anger Her Protection for Women [Kat]
1589 Puttenham, George: The Art of English Poesy
Week 8 1594 Spenser, Edmund: Epithalamion
1598 Sidney, Sir Philip: Astrophel and Stella
Week 9 1599 Hoby, Lady Margaret: from The Diary of Margaret, Lady Hoby [Bonnie]
1603 Florio, John: Montaigne's Essays
Week 10 1604 Caldwell, Elizabeth: A Letter Written by Elizabeth Caldwell to her Husband
1609 Shakespeare's sonnets
1611 Lanyer, Aemilia: from Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum [Sara]
Week 11 1615 Donne, John: The Sun Rising, The Flea [Tonya]
1616 Leigh, Dorothy: from The Mother's Blessing
1616 Jonson, Ben To Penshurst [Steph]
1616 Clifford, Lady Anne: from The Diary of Lady Anne Clifford
Week 12 1617 Speght, Rachel: A Muzzle for Melastomus [Adriana]
1617 Grace, Lady Mildmay: from Autobiography
1617 Ward, Mary: from The Autobiographical Papers [Kat]
1621 Speght, Rachel: Epistle Dedicatory
Week 13 1621 Wroth, Lady Mary:selected songs and sonnets from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus [Steph]
1624 Jocelin, Elizabeth: Epistle Dedicatory [Steph]
Week 14 1625 Bacon , Francis Essays[Frank]
1627 Cary, Elizabeth: from The History of the Life, Reign and Death of Edward II [Bonnie]
Week 15 Exam

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