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For  information about how to get books on Anne Askew at Amazon books and the books available:


Other Book sources

"Memorial of Baptist Martyrs" by J. Newton Brown

"Book of Martyrs" by John foxe

"A history of the Baptists" by Thomas Armitage


Journal sources:

Translating Anne Askew: The textual Remains of a 16thc Heretic and Saint. By Kemp, Theresa D., Renaissance Quarterly, Winter 1999 Vol 51 Issue 4 page 1021, 25 pages in all

Of the manner in which Anne askew noised it

By Berry Boyd M. Journal of English and Germanic Philology April 1997 Vol. 96 Issue 2 page 182, 22 pages in all


Book Reviews:

Robinson, William B, 16th C Journal Winter 97 Vol 28 Issue 4 page 1424, 3pages in all

Raitt, Jill; Church history, Dec 98 Vol 67 Issue 4, page789, 2 pages

Ryrie, Alec; Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Jan 99 Vol 50 Issue 1, page 163.

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