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Welcome to Dr. Carey's Engineering Page

David R. Carey PhD:  
Follow the link for more information on Dr Carey's:
  • Participation in Industry Peer Groups
    • IEEE Member
    •  Test Program Set IPT (DoD AMB)
    • Framework IPT (DoD AMB)
    • NxTest IPT (DoD AMB)
    • NDIA Automatic Test Comittee
    • MIL-PRF-32070 evaluation team
    • Wilkes University Industrial Advisory Board
    • Founding member of the Wilkes-Barre Chapter of the Mushroom Corp.



Dr Carey earned his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University. Reasearch was entitled:
"Enhancing the Diagnostic Process for Legacy Test Program Sets using Fault Modeling and Dynamic Reasoning"


The electronics industry and the Department of Defense (DoD), has thousands of obsolete legacy automated test systems (ATS).  There are many systems, with different hardware and software architectures, that cannot be upgraded. The inability to reliably test products, diagnose faults, and collect historical data is having an effect on mission readiness. This thesis produced a test and diagnostic system architecture that provides a means to use historical test and repair data from all levels of operation. The process reduces rework costs and decreases maintenance and repair costs through earlier and more accurate fault isolation. This work recoups the efforts of the original developer and captures test and diagnostic knowledge for the future. It has been adopted by the DoD maintenance community as a means to guarantee continued support in meeting mission requirements. Consequently, the concept has been proposed, reviewed, and approved for implementation within the Army ATS/TPS centers for use at the Army maintnenance depots. Additional benefits from this work: development of a reliability database for system, subsystem, component by test type and ATS; tracking system reliability and mission performance data for use in developing requirements for new or upgrade system procurement specifications; and for pushing diagnaostic knowledge and support from the sustainment level to the field and vice versa.  The work presented will change the process of developing, maintaining and migrating diagnostic test now and into the future.


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