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Instructions for Preparing Type II Proposals

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Posted: 11/28/04; 4:34:50 PM
Topic: Instructions for Preparing Type II Proposals
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Type II: Presentation, Leadership and Training Awards

Type II awards are for presenting papers at conferences, educational/training workshops or programs, or for attending professional meetings because the faculty member holds significant leadership responsibilities in the organization sponsoring the meeting (e. g. president, vice-president, program chair, etc.). Proposals will be accepted on a continuing basis, and they will be reviewed at monthly meetings of the Committee.

If two (or more) Wilkes faculty are coauthors on a presentation funding will be awarded to the author making the presentation. Due to the limited nature of the Committee's funds, the maximum award that any faculty member may receive for any academic year is $2,000.00.

A faculty member may request support for two conferences held at different times in one proposal, or a faculty member may submit one or more proposals for different conferences, but the total amount of support that the FDC can provide to any one faculty member for the academic year is $2,000.00.

In the unlikely event that the FDC ends the year with extra funds, the Committee will inform the faculty at the last faculty meeting of the academic year or through the Web and solicit proposals from faculty who have unmet financial needs caused by attending a conference. Coauthors who attend a meeting but do not present are eligible to apply for FDC funds left over at this time. Similarly, because of the limited funds available, Type II proposals for attending workshops or other training activities without making a presentation will also only be considered at the final meeting of the academic year.

Type II Proposals are due one week prior to each meeting (see meeting schedule) and will be evaluated at the monthly FDC meeting held during the second Tuesday of each month. Awards will be announced within a week following the meeting.


1. Proposals should be submitted using the Google Form link below. The details to be included will be prompted through the form and should include the meeting that will be attended, what will be done at the meeting, and a budget detailing expenses that will be incurred (see below).

"Link to Type II Form"

2. Funding will be awarded to reimburse the faculty member after the the activity. All recipients of Type II awards will be required to fill out a "Travel Reimbursement Form." 

A sample budget format follows.

Documentation or expenses should include airfares, registration fees, travel expenses, and other items as outlined below in the sample budget.

  • Supplies (itemize) xx.xx
  • Total, Supplies xxx.xx
  • Hotel Accommodations xxx.xx
  • Travel to XX (by air, car (mileage), bus, train, etc.) xxx.xx
  • Meals, ## xx.xx Total, Travel Expenses xxx.xx Other (itemize) xx.xx
  • Total, Other xxx.xx
  • Total Costs of Project/Activity xxxx.xx
  • Less Other Funding:
  • Departmental Contribution xxx.xx
  • Other funds (itemize) xxx.xx
  • Total Funding Received/Sought xxx.xx
  • Amount of This Request xxxx.xx

3. The following will be required in the Google Form:

  • a. Documentation of acceptance of the paper, acceptance in the training program, or request for professional service.
  • b. Abstract of the paper or training activity (if applicable).
  • c. Documentation of airfares, registration fees, and other expenses

4. Once the applicant is notified that the grant has been awarded, the awardee must deliver original receipts and a completed and signed travel reimbursement form to Ms. Ann Marie Kline (x3349), Compliance Coordinator, Office of Sponsored Programs, 305 Bedford Hall.

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