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It Worked!

Author:   schicae@w...  
Posted: 8/22/04; 12:57:08 PM
Topic: It Worked!
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Congratulations and welcome to your new Manila site.

  • This is your home page. To start editing this site please log in. Your system administrator may have given you a password. If not, you can go to the login page, enter your email address, and leave your password blank. Your password will be automatically mailed to you.

  • After logging in, click the Edit this Page button below to edit this text. You can make it say whatever you want. This is your home page to edit.

  • Try out the links in the Editors Only menu at the top of this page to start configuring your site and to add new stories and pictures.

  • Visit the Manila Newbies online community. We're here to help you work with Manila and to learn from each other.

  • When and if your site is ready to view publicly, post a pointer on the Manila-Newbies mail list or discussion group.

  • Visit Support.UserLand.Com for pointers to support resources for Frontier users.

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