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Instructions for Preparing Type I Proposals.

Type I: Research Awards

Type I proposals are intended to encourage scholarship in one's disciplinary area. These awards are for the initiation of scholarly activities, and are therefore non-renewable. Type I proposals will be thoroughly reviewed both by the Committee members and peers within the applicant's discipline.

Type I Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single pdf document to the FDC email (fdc@wilkes.edu) and to the FDC chair.

Funds for those receiving awards will be available after June 1 of the award year and MUST BE SPENT by MAY 31 of the following year. The funds DO NOT rollover.

Research awards, with a maximum of $4,200 each, will be granted on a competitive basis after proposals have been reviewed by peers and ranked by the Committee on the basis of merit.

In judging merit, peers will review the applicant's past accomplishments, potential for success, and dissemination of knowledge. After establishing the merit of the project, preference will be given to junior faculty members, those showing potential for outside funding for future support of the research, and those able to attract matching funds to complete their work. Schedule of processing Type I proposals appears below.


1. Proposals must follow the format below to facilitate consideration by the FDC.

2. The Project Description (Format Item C) should not exceed three pages (single-spaced), and it should be directed to an educated lay reader.

3. Funding for the following items are strongly discouraged unless you can make a strong case to the contrary:

a. Salaries for faculty or support staff.

b. Attendance at meetings and conferences, other than for participation in a specified development activity.

c. Computer hardware and software. 

d. Equipment or supplies that will be used beyond the period of time covered by the proposed research activity.

4. Only one proposal may be submitted by a faculty member.

5. A follow-up report on funded projects must be submitted to the FDC Controller immediately on completion. The report must indicate whether and to what extent project objectives have been achieved. This report must be received prior to funding of future proposals from the applicant. Receipts must be included in the report.


All Type I proposals must include the following:

A. Title Page, including the title of the proposal, and description of the principal investigator (including name, check-mailing address, campus address, telephone number, and e-mail). This page should also include signatures of the principal investigator, department chair, and academic unit dean. The same details should be provided for other investigator(s) as appropriate.

B. A concise, one-paragraph Summary Description or overview of the nature of the proposed project.

C. A Full Project/Activity Description describing the details of the proposed project or activity, including (but not limited to) background of the project/activity, its origin, the time frame and date of beginning and completion, whether the project/activity will be carried out during a sabbatical leave or release time, and how this work will advance scholarship in your field and strengthen your discipline at Wilkes. Dissemination of knowledge gained must also be stated.

D. A detailed, itemized Project Budget to include, where applicable, consumable supplies, travel expenses, and fees. Be sure to document and explain all budget items rather than just list aggregate dollar amounts. For example, "Travel to Harrisburg by private automobile, 220 miles @ current rate/mile.....$57.20." Include as "other funding" resources from departmental development funds and other university or external funds. A sample Budget follows:

Supplies (itemize) $xx.xx

Total, Supplies xxx.xx

Hotel Accommodations xxx.xx

Travel to XX (by air, car (mileage), bus, train, etc.) xxx.xx

Meals, ## xx.xx

Total, Travel Expenses xxx.xx

Other (itemize) xx.xx

Total, Other xxx.xx

Total Costs of Project/Activity xxxx.xx

Less Other Funding:

Departmental Contribution xxx.xx

Other funds (itemize) xxx.xx

Total Funding Received/Sought xxx.xx

Amount of This Request xxxx.xx

E. An abbreviated Curriculum Vitae of principal investigator and other investigators (2 pages maximum) clearly stating past accomplishments, especially in the proposed activity.

F. A paragraph stating the Project/Activity's Relationship to University Mission. Specifically address the mission of Wilkes University, and how and where this project/activity relates to that mission. This may also include the relationship of the project/activity to the mission of the department, academic unit, and of the accreditation bodies. Also, state how the expertise acquired will benefit the academic community.

G. A Summary of Other Type I FDC Grants received in the past two years, including affirmation that progress and/or closure reports were filed for each.

H. Acknowledgement of Department Chairperson and Academic Unit Dean. At minimum, this acknowledgment needs to be indicated by the signatures on the title page of the proposal. Ideally, this acknowledgment will consist of memoranda of endorsement from the chairperson and the dean indicating the degree/level of support from the department or the academic unit for the project/activity; a recognition of release time required (if any); availability or unavailability of departmental development funds; and the importance of the project/activity to the mission of the department and of the academic unit. Such accompanying memoranda should be attached to the proposal.

I. Contact information for two external reviewers should be included.

J. Where appropriate, supporting documents (preliminary data, requests for collaboration, etc.) may be appended.

Click here to see a draft of the Type I Proposal Review Sheet. Revisions to the document are underway.

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