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Instructions for Preparing Type III Proposals

Type III: Training Awards

Type III awards are intended to help faculty members attend conferences, educational/training workshops or programs without presenting or performing significant leadership responsibilities in the organization sponsoring the meeting. We evaluate the proposals according to the guidelines listed below.


    1. Proposals should be submitted in the form of a memorandum to the chair of the FDC. They should state the meeting or program that will be attended, what will be done, and should account for how departmental faculty development funds have been used.

    2. To assist the committee in making its decisions, each proposal should include a brief description of how the activity addresses the assessment criteria listed above. This section should contain four separate subheadings addressing the following:

    • The significance of the proposal: how it will contribute to the intellectual and professional development of the applicant and advance scholarship in the applicant's field.

    • Value of the proposed activity to Wilkes students. How will the proposed activity benefit Wilkes students, either during its execution or upon the applicant's return to Wilkes?

    • Value of the proposed activity to the applicant's department. This may include the relationship of the project/activity to the mission of the department, academic unit, and of the accreditation bodies. Also state how the proposed activity will strengthen your discipline at Wilkes.

    • Value of the proposed activity to Wilkes University overall. Specifically address the mission of Wilkes University, and how and where this project/activity relates to that mission. Also, state how the expertise acquired will benefit the academic community.

    3. The following should be appended to the proposal:

    • Documentation of acceptance in the meeting or training program.

    • Documentation of airfares, registration fees, and other expenses * A detailed, itemized Project Budget to include, where applicable, registration fees, travel expenses, and other items. Include as "other funding" resources from departmental development funds and other university or external funds.

      A sample budget format follows.

      • Supplies (itemize) xx.xx
      • Total, Supplies xxx.xx
      • Hotel Accommodations xxx.xx
      • Travel to XX (by air, car (mileage), bus, train, etc.) xxx.xx
      • Meals, ## xx.xx Total, Travel Expenses xxx.xx Other (itemize) xx.xx
      • Total, Other xxx.xx T
      • otal Costs of Project/Activity xxxx.xx
      • Less Other Funding:
      • Departmental Contribution xxx.xx
      • Other funds (itemize) xxx.xx
      • Total Funding Received/Sought xxx.xx
      • Amount of This Request xxxx.xx

      4. Once the applicant is notified that the grant has been awarded, the awardee must then deliver original receipts and a completed and signed travel reimbursement form to Ms. Ann Marie Kline (x3349), Compliance Coordinator, Office of Sponsored Programs, 305 Bedford Hall (swipe access only).


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