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Hepp named to Historical Marker Board

(Harrisburg) The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission named Professor John Hepp of Wilkes University to a two-year term on the Historical Marker Review Board that evaluates applications for new historical markers.

History returns to London in 2014

London2006: Photo at British Museum by Nick Zmjewski.<br>
Photograph of the 2006 class outside of the British Museum taken by Nick Zmijewski

(London) For the ninth year in a row, the History and Communication Studies departments will run classes that contain a week-long trip to London in January 2014.

Students who went on the trips in the past both learned a great deal and had a good time. Class leaders Mark Stine and John Hepp agreed with the student assessment that the class was a great success.

Student feedback from the previous trips have helped Stine and Hepp to plan a new class that will further highlight the intercultural experience of the course. The main class, offered by both Hepp and Stine will focus on the culture and history of London. Hepp will also offer a section of History 101, the required core course in history.

Hepp Talking:

Professor Hepp and members of the 2010 class in the British Museum

The History Department is now on Facebook

(Wilkes-Barre) John Hepp and Diane Wenger, co-managers of the History Department, announce that the department now has a new set of Facebook pages.

The site now has a page for general information, which includes major events in Wilkes' history, and links to pages for each of the full-time faculty. Check it (and us) out on facebook


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