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Making history come alive ... for over seventy-five years.  


Welcome to the History Department at Wilkes University

Welcome to the web site of the History Department at Wilkes University! Please explore this site and our Facebook page.

Wilkes University is located in the heart of Wilkes-Barre's vibrant historic district, which makes it an ideal location for learning about and sharing history. At Wilkes, history is all around you.

Downtown Wilkes-Barre is full of historic buildings from churches to stores to homes to office buildings. Between Wilkes University and the Susquehanna River is River Commons, a park that is a legacy of Wilkes-Barre's New England heritage.

History is also alive on the Wilkes campus: from the Victorian mansions and homes that the university has reused to a department rich in historical expertise that spans time periods and continents

Welcome to the beta version of a new web site for the History Department. Although all the information on this site should be accurate, if you are seeking the latest information on the department, please visit the official web site.

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