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Instructional Technology Specialist Certification Program



The MS in Instructional Technology program...
is designed primarily for teaching professionals. Core education courses are combined with courses in educational technology to prepare educators who can assume positions of leadership in their school or district in the area of technology.

The program offers Pennsylvania Department of Education Certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist and a Master's Degree.

Graduates of the program have gone on to become computer coordinators in K-12 settings; have secured positions in the computer industry or in desktop publishing/graphic arts agencies; serve as computer consultants to education, business and industry; or are pursuing a doctorate in the field.

The degree, with concentration, consists of 30 credits.
An additional 3-credit Internship is required for the instructional technology specialist certification. The program builds on the solid foundation of the former Educational Computing program and continues the Wilkes tradition of excellence in graduate study in technology. Twenty-four credits are required for certification.

Each student develops a program of study with Victoria Glod, program coordinator /advisor, which satisfies requirements for the degree. Thirty graduate credits are required for the degree but those who elect to also participate in the 3-credit internship for certification will earn 33 credits total. A maximum of 6 credits of graduate work already completed at another accredited and recognized institution may be applied toward the requirements for the program. Transfer credits cannot be more than six years old.


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