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    Welcome to Wilkes University Psi Chi

    Next meeting:  Tuesday, October 31 at 12:00 in Breis 305. All members or prospective members are welcome!

    Regular meetings are every first and third Tuesday of the month at 12pm in Bries 305.

    A Look Back:  The 2005/2006 school year proved to a busy and productive one for the Wilkes University Psi Chi! Members of the group participated in Exploring Behavior Week, a program designed to get high school students interested and excited about the science of psychology. Students presented a PowerPoint presentation for local high schools about general topics in psychology and also spoke about their experiences at Wilkes. The trips were so successfull that several high school students even expressed interest in sitting in on classes at Wilkes. It was not only a rewarding experience for those who participated, but the high school students gained useful information about psychology as a science.

    Psi Chi also hosted mental health screening days. The Depression Screening Day was held in the fall semester and an Alcohol Screening Day was held in the spring semester. At each, information was provided for students on both areas, informational videos were played, and pens were distributed with the web address for students to privately screen themselves for depression or alcoholism. Each day attracted many Wilkes students who were interested to learn more about these issues and also about Psi Chi. It was a great way to keep students aware and also a great way to get students interested in psychology and its honor society.

    Upcoming Events for Fall 2006: Psi Chi plans to again participate in Exploring Behavior Week, visiting different schools around the area and maybe even visiting the same schools with more information to appeal to the new classes. The screening days will also be held; dates will be announced. Look for signs, and as always all current or future members are welcome to join our meetings!

    Posted by Deb Tindell on 1/26/05; 12:42:10 PM from the dept.


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