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    Psychology Student Orientation Program

    The Department of Psychology at Wilkes University has a very special mentoring program designed specifically for new psychology students at Wilkes. If you are a new freshmen, transfer student or a student who has recently changed your major to psychology, this program is designed with you in mind.

    Transitioning into a new program can be difficult and students often do not feel comfortable getting involved right away. The PsySOP program is designed to help new students meet other psychology students and psychology faculty and feel at home in our department right away.

    In this program, as a new student, you are assigned to Peer Mentor (PM) teams, who are there to assist you in that transition. The PMs will invite you to events and activities, help you register for classes, and introduce you to other members of the department. With both large departmental events, and smaller, less formal interactions, the program allows you to make new connections at Wilkes easily.

    To find out more about PsySOP, sign up as a member and follow the links. You can find out a little bit about our mentors for this year, and see a schedule of upcoming activities.



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