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This site is currently under construction.  Please bear with us as we begin making Women's Studies web-accessible on campus!

Attention Wilkes Faculty:  The Women's Studies Coordinating Committee is now accepting course proposals for Fall 2003. 

  • Our initial deadline is February 17, 2003.  Proposals meeting this deadline and receiving committee approval will be listed as WSM (Women's Studies Eligible) in the printed version of the schedule. 
  • To submit a proposal, see Guidelines for WSM Eligible Courses
  • For more information, contact Jennifer Nesbitt, nesbitt@wilkes.edu or x 4529.


  • A list of Spring 2003 WSM Courses is now available!    
  • To download descriptions of King's College WSM offerings, click here:  King's WSM Offerings.
  • Capstone Guidelines are now available on-line:  Capstone Guidelines.
  • WS 101, Introduction to Women's Studies, will be offered Spring 2003, Mondays 6:30-9:15.
  • The Wilkes Beacon for October 24, 2002 features short interviews with the Coordinator and two minors, Amanda Brozana and Monica Cardenas.


Program Description:

At Wilkes, Women's Studies is offered as an interdisciplinary minor for which 18 credit hours are required.  Students can earn the minor by taking Women's Studies 101 (WS 101) and fifteen additional hours, including a seminar or independent study, in a variety of courses designated as eligible for the Women's Studies minor.  Courses that may count toward the minor are regularly offered in a range of disciplines across the university campus. 

Whatever your major, choosing a minor in Women's Studies will add an important dimension to your education by giving you a perspective on how the study of women's contributions are changing the way we think about various disciplines.  Your minor in Women's Studies will not only provide a personally satisfying educational experience, but it will also enhance your professional preparation for many careers.

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