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The astronomical images on these pages were taken using various techniques ranging from humble beginnings with b&w PC and MAC Quickcam CCDs that had been disassembled and reconstructed for astrophotography to the SBIG ST-237 ccd camera, the SBIG ST2000XM 2 megapixel ccd camera, and 35mm and 120mm film. As a life-long hobby, astrophotography is, for me, an incremental and evolving process. These pages record, to some extent, that process.

There are currently over 200 images on this site. To navigate the site follow the links on the right. Images are generally collected according to the camera used. The majority of images are in the ST2000-XM collection. Within that collection they are subdivided according to various object catalogs (Messier, NGC, IC, etc.). For each object, multiple images are listed according the the telescope configuration used. Below is a listing of the "most recent" additions representing images taken within the last six months or so. Enjoy!

Astrophotography Hiatus: Since I have taken a new position at Bethany College in West Virginia, I am no longer imaging from my observatory in Northeast Pennsylvania. I have moved my scopes and equipment, but I do not have an observatory in West Virginia at this time. Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to get some gear setup and get back to taking some images. West Virginia has some wonderful dark skies to which I can travel, but after so many years of having an observatory, I will need to reconfigure things significantly for portable operation. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I will leave the site active with the hope of having new material to post in the future.

TEC-140 images: A new M81, NGC 1977--a new Running Man!, M20, M16, M17, M108, NGC 5907, M12, M53.

For optimal viewing, set your monitor to at least 1024x768, preferably to 1280x1024 or higher. Adjust your contrast and brightness until you see 16 distinct steps in the test strip below. Adjust until the darkest step on the left is as dark as you can make it while still being able to distinguish it from the next lighter step.


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