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NGC 4088: Galaxy in Ursa Major

Right Ascension: 12 : 05.6 (hours : minutes)
Declination: +50 : 33 (degrees : minutes)
Apparent Magnitude: 10.5
Apparent Diameter: 5.8 (arc minutes)
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Exposure: 180 seconds
Guiding: ST-4 on the ST-80
Telescope: 8" f/4 newtonian
Camera: ST-237 cooled @ -15c
Processing:CCDOPS, Photoshop
Date: 7/11/01

I captured this image while working with the setting circles on the Losmandy. For dim objects I typically get in the vicinity and then hunt a bit with the CCD on focus mode. I was hunting for M109 when this fuzz blob popped into view. So I imaged it and realized after it came up that it wasn't M109.