Darin E. Fields' Astrophotography Pages

Film Astrophotography Gallery

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35mm Film Images

amoon1sm: My first roll of film: Some decent moon shots and M45
M8sm: M8: The Lagoon diffuse nebula in Sagittarius
m22sm: M22: Globular cluster in Sagittarius
m31try1sm: M31 Andromeda Galaxy
m33-newsm: M33 Pinwheel Galaxy
m36e200sm: M36 Open Cluster in Auriga
m38e200sm: M38 Open Cluster in Auriga
dclustersm: Perseus Double Cluster--NGC 869, 884
alniak1sm: Alnitak, Horsehead, and Flame Nebula
m42try1sm: M42 Orion Nebula and Running Man nebula
m45-csm: M45: The Pleiades
ngc7000sm: NGC-7000: The North American Nebula in Cygnus

Mamiya Medium Format Images

cygnus-sm: Wide-Field image of the Constellation Cygnus
cassiopeia-sm: Wide-Field image of the Constellation Cassiopeia