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Luzerne Trailhead with sign board

"Gateway to the Back Mountain"

Coronavirus Update

The Back Mountain Trail and Black Diamond Trail are open. Help us keep them open by cleaning up after yourself and your pets and observing social distancing.

As with the large volume of visitors to Pennsylvania state parks last weekend, we saw a large volume of trash, dog waste, and graffiti left behind for very small numbers of staff to deal with. Please be respectful of our natural resources.

Whatever food, drinks, or dog waste bags you take in with you to a park, please carry out with you when they are trash. Help keep state parks safe, clean, and open. #LeaveNoTrace

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Spirit of Service 6/9/2018

Rimple Bench Installation And Cleanup 4/28/2018

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Richard Adamchik Bench Installation 4/29/2017

Mark Fronczkewwicz Bench Installation 4/22/2017

New ASTA Newsletter Winter 2016 is available for downloading.

Fall Cleanup #2 11/19/2016

Spring Trail Cleanup 4/30/2016

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Trail Improvement with Misericordia students 8/23/2014

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If you would like to access the trail, places to park are Knights of Columbus in Luzerne, Luzerne Bank parking lot, near DAMA sign on Route 309, Trucksville Fire Hall parking lot, Harris Hill Road near bridge, Shavertown at bank/pharmacy parking lot, and East Franklin Street in Shavertown access to trail.

Trail Distances

Mileage  Landmark travelling north
=======  =========================
  0.0    Luzerne Kiosk
  0.5    End of rock cut prior to Notch
  1.0    Stone drain on ramp up to prairie
  1.4    Prairie bench
  2.0    Log on right after picnic table (hidden bench)
  2.1    Post Road
  2.2    Beginning of railing at top of stairs
  2.5    Low end of Harris Hill stone bridge
  2.6    Harris Hill gate
  3.0    Parallel to front of 309 Professional Building
  3.25   Lehigh Street gate
  3.5    Halfway along Vine Street
  4.0    Hidden Drive sign at north corner of 
         rear building of old Back Mountain Lumber
  4.1    Franklin Street Kiosk
  4.4    Yellow gate
  4.5    Red gate near Terrace Street
                Section               Mileage
 ===================================  =======
 Luzerne Fire Hall to Luzerne Kiosk     0.4
 Luzerne Kiosk to Post Road             2.1
 Harris Hill Road gate to Lehigh St.    1.15
 Franklin St. Kiosk to Terrace St.      0.4

Coordinates for GPS

Location Latitude Longitude
Luzerne Creek Walk Start 41.28221 N 75.89548 W
(Luzerne Fire Hall - No trail parking here)
Knights of Columbus Parking Lot 41.28545 N 75.89933 W
(Trail parking allowed at upper end of lot)
Trail kiosk 41.28633 N 75.90076 W
(Minimal parking here)
Bridge behind DAMA 41.29460 N 75.91086 W
Ramp from Route 309 up to trail 41.29274 N 75.91324 W
(Limited trail parking)
Post Road Trail entrance 41.30183 N 75.92714 W
(No parking here)
Trucksville Trail Stairway 41.30267 N 75.92852 W
(Trail parking behind Trucksville Fire Hall)
Harris Hill Road Entrance 41.30423 N 75.93179 W
(Trail parking across road from trail gate)
Lehigh Street Gate 41.31300 N 75.93426 W
(Steep hill with no parking here)
Franklin Street Parking Area 41.32331 N 75.94089 W
(Parking across road from trail gate)
Terrace Street Trail Entrance 41.32923 N 75.94137 W
(Off Lower Demunds Road with no parking here)

Construction which replaced the bridge behind DAMA is complete. Some photos are here.

A Trail Map Luzerne to Lower Demunds Road is available.

Check out the Maps.

This site contains information concerning the Anthracite Scenic Trails Association and the Back Mountain Trail. The Trail currently runs from Luzerne Borough to Lower Demunds Road in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

The plan is to have the trail connect to other trails throughout the region. In its final form, it will run from Luzerne to Harvey's Lake - 14 miles!

More is in the planning stages. Get involved now!



We usually meet the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Back Mountain Library. Call Mark Albrecht (570-696-3409) to verify that we are meeting that month. All are welcome to attend.

John Koch, webmaster


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