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Industrial Advisory Board

Author:   David Carey  
Posted: 8/2/14; 2:26:51 PM
Topic: Industrial Advisory Board
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Wilkes University requires collaborative projects from industry. Most of the projects are supplied by the Wilkes Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). Use the following link to submit project ideas Industrial Project Description Template. The members of the board are from the following companies:

  • J.H. Welsch Consulting, L.L.C
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Lehighton Electronics Inc.
  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • The Information Network
  • ALERT Life Sciences Computing, Inc
  • Keystone Automation, CEO
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania Council Boy Scouts of America
  • Enterprise Systems Partners, Inc
  • Texas Instruments,
  • Light Speed Technologies,
  • Borton-Lawson,
  • Ben Franklin Technology Partners
  • InterMetro Industries,
  • Quadrant Plastics

  • What You Can Expect As An Industry Partner?
    • Evaluate fully engaged Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Engineering Management students over a period of nine months as they work through the project.
    • Students gain knowledge of your business and working climate as they interact with your engineers and processes.
    • These impressions are shared with classmates, enabling you to build a reputation as an employer of choice.
  • Collaborative Impact
    • Your engineers will benefit from access to technical literature and extensive equipment in the undergraduate labs.
    • Our experienced faculty will gain a working knowledge of how their expertise links to your products, processes, and industry.
    • Our goal is that company-university collaboration will expand beyond the capstone project course.
  • Project Documentation & Updates
    • Students submit a written assignments, including a proposal, progress reports, and a final report.
    • The teams also orally present their reports to an audience of students, industry advisors, MSE faculty members, and support staff.
    • Final presentations and a poster session are scheduled on the final presentation day.
  • Secure Proprietary Information
    • Written reports do not have to be submitted for public access.
    • Proprietary information supplied for the sake of the project can be deleted from any public presentations and documentation.
  • What We Request From Our Industry Partners?
    • A Challenging Project
      • The company should propose a challenging project that presents a substantial challenge to an engineer.
      • The project should be of sufficient importance such that the company is willing to provide intellectual and, if needed, material and in-kind support for the duration of the project.
      • A carefully defined project suitable for completion in two semester (9 months) by a team of four to six EE/ME/EGM students.
        • The project should be slightly open-ended (to force the students to identify the problem requirements), not on the critical path for the company, and non-proprietary.
        • The last requirement exists to eliminate legal issues which require much time to resolve.
      • An opportunity for the students to present their project results at the corporate site. This adds a sense of importance to the project.

        Note: The amount of mentoring that a company provides to the students is entirely up to the company. Some companies have mentored students very closely, others less so. This difference in support causes occasional unhappiness among students, with some students feeling that the course is "unfair" if they get less mentoring than some other students.

    • An Industry Advisor
      • The company should commit an individual or individuals who are knowledgeable about the project to serve as an industrial mentor for the student(s).
      • The industry advisor will consult with the faculty advisor and the team to determine the scope of the project and provide technical support and guidance, including on all reports and public presentations.
    • An Unrestricted Grant
      • The University requests an unrestricted grant of $5,000 or more from industry collaborators.
      • Donated funds provide a margin of excellence for the undergraduate program to bridge the gap between the teaching budget and the resources required to provide a first-class engineering undergraduate education.
      • Funds will be used to upgrade the engineering undergraduate laboratories and to provide Engineering Excellence Scholarships for high- achieving Engineering majors.
    • A guest lecture to the class on any technical topic
      • Recruiting is allowed, but the talk should not be purely a recruiting presentation.
      • This guest lecture gives each company exposure to all of the students in the class and not only to its team of students.
      • The students see a broad range of real world ideas and perspectives.
  • Examples of Past Projects:
    • New Wind Tunnel Design for Wilkes Mesa, AZ
    • Super Resolution Microscope sponsored by LSM Tech
    • Polymer Processing System sponsored by Quadrant Plastics
    • New Equipment Design sponsored by United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL)
    • ISO14001 Implementation sponsored by Pulverman Precision Metal Components
    • New Equipment Design sponsored by Technical Process and Engineering Inc. (TPEI)
    • Clinical Innovations sponsored by Select Medical
    • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Automation for Wilkes EE Dept Research
    • Industrial Waste Pump Station sponsored by Fairchild Semiconductor
    • Sheet illumination Microscope sponsored by LSM Tech

  • For more information, please contact:

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