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Fall Semester Schedule

The first semester for capstone is the fall semester at the beginning of the senior year, when the capstone design projects are selected by or assigned to teams and initiated. This is a 1-credit hour capstone design course. The instructor acts primarily as a facilitator and guide for the teams in the design process. The students are reminded of the design process steps and held accountable for making progress throughout the semester. They use the design and project management tools that they learned in the previous semester.

This reinforces the materials previously taught in the two conceptual designs. The goal of the first semester requires a minimum of a preliminary design proposal presentation and report. The preferred goal is completion of a full (detailed) design review. The latter level of progress provides the team with the best chance of successful completion in the final semester.

  1. Week #1 - Introduction and kick-off Project kick-off:
  2. Week #2 - Development process Overview of the development process.
    • Project planning and team work.
    • Developing the specification.
  3. Week #3 - Development process (continued)
    • Giving effective presentations.
    • Posters.
    • Documentation of yourself finalize the resume.
  4. Week #4 - Lecture overflow Lecture overflow from weeks #1 to #3
  5. Week #5 - Project Work Day
    • Open day for project work (in class).
  6. Week #6 - Guest Lecture #1
    • Requirements document is due.
  7. Week #7 - Guest Lecture #2
  8. Week #8 - Project Work Day
    • Open day for project work (in class).
    • Will review draft specification/design documents.
  9. Week #9 - Guest lecture #3
  10. Week #10 - Guest lecture #4
    • Test plan is due.
  11. Week #11 Guest lecture #5
  12. Week #12 - Exam week Mid-term exam in class (exam covers lectures and textbook).
    • Specification/Design document is due.
    • Will review PDR objectives and plans.
  13. Week #13 Guest lecture #6
  14. Week #14 - Preliminary Design Review is due.
    • You will need to schedule a 30-minute demonstration time slot.
  15. Week #15 - PDR presentations
    • PDR presentation and demonstration need to be completed this week.
    • The PDR documentation and artifact is due.


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