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Spring Semester Schedule

The second semester of the capstone design sequence is in the spring of the senior year. This is a 2-credit hour capstone design course. During this semester, the instructor solely acts as a facilitator for the teams in all tracks. The students begin by finalizing their design and making any revisions requested at the design review. Then, the emphasis shifts to ordering materials and fabricating a functional prototype. In particular, a detailed budget is presented at the design review, with the students ordering parts (after instructor review and approval or modification) early in the third semester. With respect to manufacturing, students are expected to perform as much of the fabrication themselves as possible with departmental resources while taking advantage of the Engineering machine shop.

In addition, they must plan and complete testing of their prototype in order to evaluate its functionality. Of course, the students must also generate a final oral presentation and written report for their client and the instructor.

  1. Week #1 Critical Design Review and Production Readiness Review
    • Systems Engineering
    • Format, Schedule, Procedures
    • Set up advisor meeting schedule. Renew sponsor contacts.
    • Assemble CDR and PRR materials and documentation
  2. Week #2 CDR/PRR
    • You will need to schedule a 30-minute time slot for CDR and PDR.
    • PROVIDE CONVINCING EVIDENCE that your group is ready to commence with prototype fabrication.
  3. Week #3 CDR/PRR STATUS
    • CDR/PRR MUST be completed by the end of this week.
    • Manufacturing Resource Review
    • Prototype & Planning Fabrication
    • Manufacturing Lab Access Discussion
    • Posters and press releases.
  4. Week #4 Test Planning and Documentation Discussion
    • Test plan and user documentation.
  5. Week #5 Project Work Day
    • Open day for project work (in class).
  6. Week #6 Guest Lecture #7
    • Test Plan documentation is due.
  7. Week #7 Guest Lecture #8
  8. Week #8 Mid-Term Assessment and Peer Evaluations
  9. Week #9 Project Work Day
    • Open day for project work (in class).
    • Will review draft specification/design documents.
  10. Week #10 Guest lecture #9
  11. Week #11 Guest lecture #10
    • Test plan is due.
  12. Week #12 Guest lecture #11
  13. Week #13 Guest lecture #12
  14. Week #14 Final Design Review is due.
    • You will need to schedule a 30-minute time slot for pre-brief run through.
  15. Week #15 FDR presentations
    • FDR presentation and demonstration need to be completed this week.
    • The FDR documentation and artifact including a poster is due.


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