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Joe's Site

Hello! My name is Joe and I am a freshman here at Wilkes University.  http://www.wilkes.edu/

I graduated from Coughlin High School this past school year.



 I am 18 years old and reside in Parsons. In this site I'll talk about some of my interests such as No Limit Texas Hold Em' and Drinking Games.

No Limit Texas Hold Em' is poker game that is starting to gain massive popularity among college kids. It's a fun, laid back game that can win you large amounts of money or can make you lose even more. The explanation is pretty long on how to play so heres a link you can click to learn:


After you have read that and understood that you can play a free online version of Texas Hold Em' against up to 10 people all over the world. http://www.hxiec.com/no-limit-texas-hold-em-strategy-1.html

Another hobby of mine is of coarse drinking games. It's not so much the playing of the games but the learning of the games is what I like. See, I want to learn almost ever single drinking game that is out there. To find out exactly what games are out there I use these two websites:



Seen here is a picture of George Washington playing beer, this was one of his biggest hobbies and was the world champion for 4 consecutive years back in the 1700's.

If you would like to write to me you can reach me at:



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